Methodology: A team working to make your project succeed


The realization of a web project involves multiple skills and therefore requires a multidisciplinary team. It is essential that this team is used to working together in a common spirit. We have been lucky to have a solid team for many years.

The project committee at the client's

We sometimes forget that the client is at the forefront of the project team. Indeed, it is impossible to make a web project succeed without the active participation of the client. It is, therefore, essential to form a committee in charge of the project at the customer level. It may be more or less extensive depending on the project and the company. But in all cases it is essential that it includes at least one person who makes decisions and one person who will be the daily contact of the agency team for the pragmatic aspects. The main mission of the client committee will be to answer the agency's questions in a reliable and precise manner, to react to the proposals made by the agency, to validate the various deliverables and to provide a certain amount of information and/or content.

The conductor, your daily contact: The Project Manager

He is your best friend and your greatest ally in the success of your project.
His mission: to implement projects and monitor production in accordance with the terms of the contract. He takes care of the briefing, the client meetings and verifies that you have all the necessary information and content. He designs with the consultants the various reference documents (functional specifications, zonings, ...) and ensures the operational implementation of the recommendations. He supervises the developments (follow-up of the teams, costs and deadlines). He accompanies and advises you throughout the project.

A multidisciplinary team

The expert: The Consultant

His mission: to listen to your needs and propose strategic solutions adapted to your expectations, your objectives and your constraints.

The creative : The Art Director

He defines the graphic charter of the project: the general appearance, the colors, the typography, the choice of visuals, the animations and the screen sequences...

The marketer: The Webmarketer

He is in charge of the promotional aspects of the project: search engine optimization, email marketing, customer relationship management, social networks, ...

The technicians: Integrators and Developers

They are in charge of the technical realization of the project under the control of the project manager and in the respect of the specifications.

Occasional partners: Editors, Translators, Photographers, Video directors, Data entry operators, ...

Depending on the project, it will be necessary to call upon specific skills. We have a network of efficient partners with whom we are used to working and who will be able to intervene efficiently on your Internet project.


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