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What is MMCréation?

MMCréation is a web agency specialized in the hospitality industry, creating attractive websites and offering a wide range of services to boost online bookings thanks to innovative technologies.

What technologies does MMCréation offer?

The MMCréation agency offers several solutions:

- H.api CMS, enabling you to manage your website independently
- Hotel Price Explorer, a price comparator enabling you to showcase your rates to OTAS
- HapiDam, a media library for managing your photos
- Push Marketing, a popin creation tool for your communications
- other tools to optimize your customers' online experience.

How can MMCréation increase bookings for my hotel?

We optimize your website with customized solutions and use tools such as Hapi for autonomous site management, Hotel Price Explorer to offer real-time rate transparency, and Hotel Push Marketing to send targeted messages that increase conversions. By combining these technologies with an effective content and design strategy, MMCréation enhances the user experience and encourages visitors to book directly on your site.

Does MMCréation offer personalized services?

Yes, the MMCréation agency offers personalized follow-up and solutions tailored to the specific needs of each hotel to guarantee the best results.

Does MMCréation offer training or resources for its customers?

Yes, the MMCréation agency provides white papers, tutorials and training courses to help its customers optimize their digital strategy.

What is MMCréation's experience in the hotel sector?

With over 20 years' expertise in the field, MMCréation has helped over 700 customers increase their bookings thanks to its innovative solutions and attractive website designs.

What are the advantages of the HapiDam photo management solution?

HapiDam offers several advantages for photo management in hotels:

- Centralized storage: all photos in one place.
- Resizing and cropping: Easy adaptation of images for different uses, including social networking.
- Sorting and filing: Efficient organization and fast searching.
- Rating: Evaluate and select the best images.
- Sharing baskets: Easily select and share groups of photos.

Is it possible to see examples of sites created by the MMCréation agency?

Yes, MMCréation's online portfolio features a variety of hotel websites designed to highlight their uniqueness and increase bookings. You can find them on our website in the "Portfolio" tab.

What are the guarantees of success with MMCréation?

The MMCréation agency is committed to providing cutting-edge technological solutions, personalized support and in-depth expertise to guarantee improved online visibility and increased bookings.

How can I contact MMCréation?

You can contact the MMCréation agency via our online contact form, by email at or by phone on +33 1 45 74 76 00 to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you.

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