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No more redesigning websites every three years! Hapi is the solution that revolutionizes the hotel web. Finally you take back the hand on your site!
We accompany you until you are completely autonomous. Updating your site will be almost child's play!
And we are sure that it will make you happy!

Let's be honest, who doesn't look at the price before booking?
So why don't we see your price when we arrive on your site?
A discreet price comparator that makes an impact.
Hoteliers, help them to choose you!

Protect your family jewels! (We are talking about your photos of course)
Hapidam is a real case for your photos, once uploaded in our solution, they will be pampered: saved, optimized, ready to be shared with all your collaborators and partners
Let's stop complicating our lives!

Who has never dreamed of sending the right message to the right person at the right time? It's magic and it's with us! Popups that increase conversions and interactivity on your website. Display targeted messages on your website according to the visitor's profile and behavior!

The night is good, but so is the day!
Develop the sale of new services available in your hotel.
Attract a local clientele.
The widget that makes your spaces profitable at any time of the day!

What if you put your hotel back in the heart of its environment? Geolocate the points of interest around your hotel and help your guests organize their stay!

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