Strategy : The role of advice of an agency

  • By definition, a communication agency has a strategic and operational consulting role and it is precisely this dimension that makes the difference with other categories of service providers.
    Our agency attaches great importance to this dimension because it is essential on at least two levels

Thus, for each of the projects taken in charge by the agency, we foresee the intervention of a consultant in the design phase.
This consultant, thanks to his global vision of the project, his analysis of the problems and his expertise, will be able to make recommendations on both the content (tree structure, content, messages, etc.) and the form (ergonomic and aesthetic choices).

It is on the basis of these advices and exchanges with the customer's project managers, that the final specifications and the production documents (briefs and functional specifications, ...) will be established.

Areas where MMCréation can advise you

MMCréation can advise you on all aspects of interactive communication (internal and external):

  • strategic choices of positioning (in relation to the competition and the existing)
  • strategic choices of content organization (tree structure and editorial charter)
  • ergonomic strategic choices (resulting in zonings or functional diagrams of the pages)
  • strategic aesthetic or graphic choices (resulting in visual identity proposals and/or mock-ups)
  • technical and technological choices (type of development to be implemented and choice of languages and/or tools)

but also on the promotional and marketing axes:

  • animation operations
    (contests, ...)
  • emailings and newsletters (opportunity and methods)
  • referencing (natural / paid, opportunity and scope)
  • community management (facebook, twitter, ... opportunity and modalities)

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