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Web development technologies

The implementation of interactive communication supports (Internet sites, intranet, extranet, emailinsgs, ...) implies a phase of computer development in order to translate their visual form into a language that will make them accessible on the web.
Several languages and tools may be necessary (HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, ...) and very often it will also be necessary to set up databases (e.g. MySql).

The advantages of a custom development

If turnkey solutions are suitable for some customers, they do not allow to manage natively the problems specific to your activity and even less those which imply specific functionalities. That's why we offer custom web development to expand the scope of possibilities to allow you to implement almost any feature you could wish or imagine. Thus, the custom development of a solution is a wise choice in many cases. The tools available in open source do not systematically meet all the needs that may exist and even if some tools do, it is sometimes much heavier in terms of workload to adapt a tool to a need rather than to create the tool in question. Thus, depending on the case, custom development is required.

Takeover of an existing Web development

We can also take over the management of a site that has been created by another provider. Everything will depend on the construction of the site and the sources which you will be able to recover. Do not hesitate to contact us to study the feasibility of this type of operation.

Examples of custom-made projects designed by the agency

We have realized many custom developments for more than 10 years in various sectors of activity (hotel chain websites, recipe management intranets, CRM, e-commerce websites, travel agency websites, product catalogs, webmarketing programs, contests, information websites, ...). It is even our specialty. We have specialized engineers with a very strong experience in web development who ensure the implementation of these developments within our teams.


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