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CMS: Content Management Systems allow people without web skills to update their website and make it evolve, thanks to an administration interface. CMS are generally expensive, because they require a complex development. The form is independent from the content, and the presentation can be changed, as well as the content more easily.
Open-source CMS (e.g. Spip, Joomla, eZ Publish, CMS Made Simple, Typo 3, Artiphp, Open CMS, WordPress, Drupal), are free, offer a ready-to-use "engine", but they need to be adapted to your needs, customized, which represents a very important development and design work.

The advantages of a CMS

It is an excellent solution for sites with a lot of content, especially information sites, because it allows you to be autonomous in publishing them in a relatively simple way. Built on a basic principle of separation of the substance (content) and the form (graphic and ergonomic charter) they have the advantage of allowing to modify the appearance of a site without having to rebuild the contents.


The limits of the CMS

It is important not to give in to received ideas. On the question of free access, for example, it is in fact a misconception because it is very complex for a company without web skills to independently set up a site based on a CMS: it will very often need a service provider for the form of the site but also to do the technical implementation.
Moreover, they have limited functionalities which will not cover all the specific needs, the multilingual management is often complex, the obligation to use plugins (or modules) to extend the functionalities sometimes implies little development.Finally, a freely available source code sometimes poses security problems and requires frequent updates. Thus, its announced flexibility is not always there. We expect, in particular, easy-to-use administration platforms and in many cases they are rather unintuitive.

The MMCreation CMS

It is because of the rigidities and complexity found on many open source CMS, that theMMCréation agency has developed an in-house CMS. Indeed, it draws the advantages of this system (autonomy, distinction between form and content) and erases its disadvantages by injecting its know-how in setting up back-office for dynamic sites. Today, used by dozens of customers, it has demonstrated its ease of use by non-expert audiences. Do not hesitate to ask us for a demonstration.

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