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Master your Google Business Profile with MMCréation!

The Google Business listing => your business card on Google.



Control your visibility with a single click: Discover all the secrets of the Google Business listing with MMCréation!


Regularly, you have questions about:

📌Google has asked me to update my Google Business listing. Can you take care of it?


📌What is Google Business?

and finally,

📌can you give me my Google Business listing access?

👉 We'll explain it all here.

The Google Business listing (formerly Google My Business) is, quite simply, your business card on Google, the most widely used search engine today. It's what's going to enable Internet users (your potential future customers) to find you quickly on Google, and to have all the information they need at their fingertips.

The benefits of Google Business Profile

✅ Free referencing

✅When it's up to date, your site will appear BEFORE OTAs and on Google Maps, so don't miss out on these valuable visibility-boosting features.

✅To identify yourself to web users

✅To have very precise information such as: your address, your location, your opening and closing times, your rates, your website, your services and anything else you'd like to put there.

✅It gives your customers the chance to leave reviews, which can enhance your brand image and increase your online visibility.

✅It lets you share news, events or special promotions directly with your potential customers.

✅ Fuel your local referencing

👉Don't waste any more time!

Who can update my Google Business Profile?

The business owner or a person designated by the owner (such as a marketing manager or SEO agency) can update the Google Business Profile.

For your information, updating your Google Business Profile is not managed by MMCréation. After all, who better to respond to customer feedback than you?

On the other hand, we are here to help you in this process, and as one of our values is autonomy. Here's how:

How to create and update your Google Business Profile?


If you already have a Google Business Profile :

Screen de la fiche Google Business Profile Screen Modification Fiche GBP


You can also use Google Maps on your cell phone:

Accès à la fiche GBP via Google Maps


If you don't have a Google Business Profile BUT a Google account: Sign in to your Google account:


If you don't already have a Google Business Profile (GBP) account, go to the dedicated Google site to create one.

If you need to create a Google account, please choose an e-mail address associated with your company's domain.


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