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New features in our online photo management

As part of their website management, many customers have a media library where they can import, classify and sort their visuals.



In the digital age, where photos take one of the first places on a site. Hoteliers have to face the competition in order to attract a more and more demanding clientele. Indeed, photography accounts for 60% of the decision to book a hotel.

Your website is your showcase. Photos allow you to immerse your customers in your world knowing that 87% of customers visit the hotel website before booking, so it is very important to create a site with relevant content and attractive photos.

Most of the time, the visuals are taken by a professional photographer. When you get the transfer of all these photos, the task is often tedious and time consuming to optimize the photos: sorting them, renaming them in the right way etc. This requires time and sometimes additional costs. Nevertheless, this step is essential to save time later on but also to improve your SEO because well named photos allow to optimize your SEO.

Save 15 minutes per photo?

It is possible. MMCreation has developed a photo processing tool, an online manager: Hapidam. Designed for hoteliers, this tool allows them to centralize and optimize their photos. Directly accessible online, the photos can be renamed and sorted automatically in one click. A considerable time saving for hoteliers. In a single import, all your visuals and PDF files are on the same platform ready to be used on your website.

Hapidam revolutionizes the management of photos for hoteliers and allows them to be effective in the face of competition. Storing and sharing these photos is a challenge in terms of search, durability and backup over time. With the transfer and sharing features, Hapidam allows unlimited sharing of any or all folders, with different restricted or unrestricted access, to different people inside or outside the hotel.

Your benefits:

  • A better classification of your visuals
  • Smooth distribution of your visuals
  • Renaming and optimization of your photos
  • A better referencing
  • Considerable time saving
  • Secure and accessible online photo library
  • Optimization of the size and weight of your photos for multiple use on the web
  • Automatically adjust formats and framing by AI (e.g. for social networks)

So don't wait any longer and choose Hapidam!

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