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"In a marketing context, the benchmark is a process of observation and analysis of the performances reached and the practices used by the competition or by the sectors of activity which can have operating modes reusable by the company ordering the benchmark.
The benchmark can be considered in a simplistic way as "fishing for good ideas". The benchmark is broader than a competitive intelligence practice insofar as it is not necessarily only interested in the competitors. "

What is the interest of a benchmark?

The interests of a benchmark are multiple:

  • to have a synthetic vision of the competitive universe
  • to specify the points of differentiation of its project on the substance and on the form
  • to confirm or invalidate your strategic choices
  • define in a comparative way your likes and dislikes and thus refine your graphic and functional brief
  • find good practices and avoid bad practices
  • look for inspirations and adapt them to the theme of the project


Benchmark & Mock-up

In the context of the realization of a model, the benchmark stage is highly desirable. It allows, indeed, to ensure a good differentiation of the project compared to the practices of the competitors: to respect the standards not to confuse the Net surfers but to adopt a visual differentiating not to create confusion and to mark its originality.
When the benchmark has a graphic vocation, it is in the best interest of the company to be carried out well beyond the sector of activity that concerns the project. Thus, it can also serve as a source of inspiration and help in defining the expectations and tastes of the clients.
Inspiration is not a copy! It's a way of working that can be adapted to the project's identity and problems.

How do you carry out a benchmark?

The scope and methodology is defined according to the objectives of the benchmark. Indeed, we will adapt the way of working to the vocation of the benchmark: graphic, functional, strategic, ...
However, whatever the purpose of the benchmark, the main steps remain the same:

  • the selection of the media, sectors, brands, ... to study
  • the analysis and the realization of screenshots
  • the writing of a synthesis document presenting the results of the benchmark and answering the question raised by it with the solutions and recommendations of the agency concerning the project

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