What is benchmark marketing?

You want to improve your visibility on search engines and bring more qualified traffic to your website? Are you looking for an effective strategy to improve your positioning on search results? The marketing benchmark can help you to achieve this.

What is a marketing benchmark?

The benchmark is a process of observation and analysis of the performances reached and the practices used by the competitors or by sectors of activity that can have operating modes that can be reused by the company ordering the benchmark. This practice allows to obtain a synthetic vision of the competitive universe, to specify the points of differentiation of its project on the substance and on the form, to confirm or to invalidate its strategic choices, to find the good practices and to avoid the bad practices.

Why carry out a marketing benchmark?

The interest of the benchmark is multiple: it allows you to specify the points of differentiation of your project compared to the competition, to define in a comparative way your likes and dislikes, to find the good practices and to avoid the bad practices, to look for inspirations and to adapt them to the theme of the project.

Within the framework of the realization of a model, the benchmark stage is highly desirable. It allows to ensure a good differentiation of the project compared to the competitors' practices: respecting the standards in order not to confuse the Internet users but adopting a differentiating visual in order not to create confusion and to mark its originality.

How to carry out a marketing benchmark?

The scope and the methodology are defined according to the objectives of the benchmark. The main steps remain the same, whatever the purpose of the benchmark: the selection of the media, sectors, brands to be studied, the analysis and the realization of screenshots, the writing of a synthesis document presenting the results of the benchmark and thedocument presenting the results of the benchmark and answering the question raised by it with the solutions and recommendations of the agency concerning the project.

The marketing benchmark is a powerful tool that allows you to optimize your natural referencing strategy. Indeed, by identifying the practices of your competitors, you can adapt your strategy to differentiate yourself and improve your positioning on the search results.

At MMCréation, we accompany our customers in their SEO strategy using the marketing benchmark. We specialize in graphical, functional and strategic benchmarks to help you improve your visibility and stand out from the competition. Contact us to learn more about our services and to discuss your project.

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