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Back-office or administration platform: definition

On the Internet, the front office is the part of a website that is visible to Internet users. The notion of back-office corresponds to the part of the website that is only visible to the administrator and that allows to manage the content, the functionalities, to follow the activity, ... To illustrate this, we can compare the front office to a store that welcomes visitors and the back office to the back office where stocks, administration etc. are managed.


Back-offices perfectly adapted to your needs

MMCréation has a great experience in the design and development of customized back-offices. Thus, they can be perfectly adapted to your needs and to your level of web skills. They concentrate all the administration functionalities of your site: update of contents, animation of the site, follow-up of the contact forms, follow-up of the newsletter inscriptions, follow-up of the requests for estimate, ... They are online solutions which do not require any software installation and which are thus accessible on any computer connected to Internet. These solutions are secured by restricted access. We can establish a list of several users with different rights to facilitate the management of the site by several employees.


Intuitive back-offices, very easy to use

The back-offices developed by MMCréation are renowned for their ease of use, even for less qualified users. We pay a lot of attention to their ergonomics and they are the object of a design work just as important as the web interfaces dedicated to Internet users.

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