What is the back office?

If you're a website owner, you've probably heard of the "back office" or "administration platform". But what exactly does it mean and why is it important for the management of your website?

Definition of the back office

The back office of a website is the part of the site that is only visible to the site administrator and allows you to manage content, features and track site activity. It is an essential administration platform for the optimal management of your website. To imagine this, think of a store where visitors only see the visible part and where the back office is the part that manages all the inventory and administration.

The advantages of a back-office website

At MMCreation, we have a great experience in designing and developing a custom back-office website for website management. Our solutions are perfectly adapted to your needs and your level of web skills. They include all the administration functionalities of your site, such as content updates, site animation, contact form tracking, newsletter registration tracking and quote request tracking. Moreover, our back-office of a site is accessible online, without the need to install software and secured by restricted access.

The ergonomics of a back-office

We know how important it is to have a back-office that is easy to use, even for people with little computer skills. This is why our back-office websites are renowned for their ergonomics and ease of use, which is just as important as the web interfaces dedicated to Internet users.

The training in back-office

At MMCreation, we also offer back-office training to help you better understand and master the features of your website. We accompany you throughout the process, offering you solutions adapted to your level of competence, so that you can manage your site independently.

In short, if you are looking to optimize the management of your website, the back-office of a site developed by MMCréation is a solution of choice. Contact us for more information on our back-office training offers or to learn more about our custom web development services.

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