Strategy: The design phase


This phase consists of describing in a precise (unambiguous) manner all aspects of the project in order to guarantee an execution as close as possible to your needs and expectations.

The main questions addressed in the design phase

Here are some of the main questions that will be addressed during the design phase:

  • What are the objectives to be achieved?
  • What are your needs and expectations?
  • What are your constraints?
  • What will be the site map or tree structure?
  • What are the existing resources and those to be created?
  • How will the expected functionalities be staged?
  • What will the different pages of the site be composed of?
  • What will be the visual aspect of the site?
  • ...

The answers to these questions will be recorded in a very precise manner in a functional specification that will be composed of functional diagrams of the pages (zonings) and graphic models.


The actors of the design phase

This phase is animated by four main actors:

  • You, the client in the first place because without you nothing is possible. You will express your needs in a precise and reliable way and then receive our recommendations and validate our proposals or specify your expectations.
  • The consultant. His/her mission: to listen to your expression of needs and to propose solutions adapted to your expectations, to your objectives and within your budgetary constraints.
  • The project manager. Who will be your daily contact and who will be in charge of formalizing the functional specifications.
  • The art director who will translate the strategic choices made by the consultant and the project manager in agreement with you.

Depending on the project, we will also involve our technical project manager.

How to succeed in the design phase of an Internet project?

Itis important that the design meetings are well framed (precise agenda), prepared (by us as well as by you), do not exceed 1h30 to 2h because they require a great deal of attention, that they are well organized, and that they are well organized.It is also important that the decision-makers are present, as this allows for a better homogeneity of the decisions.

It is also important that the documents submitted to you are read carefully and that you are able to give us your observations in a precise manner.

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