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Hotelier vs OTA - HPE, the trick of David against Goliath?

With HPE (Hotel Price Explorer), we bring you a slingshot: It's up to you to choose the right stone. A way to take back the sword from Goliath?... uh... from the OTAs? (Online Travel Agency)




With HPE (Hotel Price Explorer), we bring you a slingshot: It's up to you to choose the right stone. A way to take back the sword from Goliath?... uh... from the OTAs? (Online Travel Agency)


First important clue: 50% of the Internet users will not book on OTAs before going to the official website of the hotel.

It is therefore these 50% that you must target and convert into direct reservations.

It is important to understand that OTAs are useful to acquire new customers that you would not have had access to without them.

With 30 to 40% of their revenue reinvested in marketing, you can't compete on this front with an average spend of 6% of your revenue.


On the other hand, those Internet users who discover you via OTAs and then come to your site, you must "at all costs" keep them. This expression takes all its meaning here because let's look at it together the strengths of an OTA On the same page, the Internet user can immediately filter a selection of hotels by prices, customer reviews and have all the answers to their questions via the FAQ about your hotel. And if this became your slingshot?...


Second important clue: 3 minutes is the average time that a user spends on your site. 3 minutesThis is an extremely short time to convince them to stay on your site...

The price: The key to convince. Seeing the price of the hotel, the user will return to the OTA to compare... Unless he finds this information on your site.

Hence the importance of a comparator to ensure that the user finds all the answers to his questions on the spot.

Indeed, the Internet user comes to reassure himself. He needs to be reassured before proceeding to payment:

  • that your hotel exists,

  • that it complies with what the OTA shows him

  • that they can book with confidence.

He will then come to your site to get additional information via

  • your photo library,

  • possible reviews,

...then he will go back to the OTA:

75% of visitors coming from OTAs and who arrive on your site do not even open the booking engine.

You have 3 minutes to convince him!

3 minutes = 3 actions to put in place on your site to improve the user experience and convert them.

=> I make them want to visit your site: Take care of your site by bringing in your most beautiful, clear and quick to download photos

=> I push the user to book directly : By indicating and comparing immediately on your page your price (cheaper than the OTA of course)

=> I reassure the user : By taking care also to follow the reviews of your customers and to indicate them on your homepage.


Third important clue:

  • 85% of Internet users have price as their first decision factor.

  • 85% of Internet users think that you are more expensive than the OTAs.

This is the first thing that the Internet user must see on your home page.

In offering you the Hotel Price Explorer tool, we have therefore thought of an aesthetic widget (a small informative module that appears on your page when the Internet user wants it). This widget gathers all the necessary data to reassure the Internet user in the blink of an eye.

With HPE, we bring you a simple, inexpensive solution to convince them

=> 1€ per month and per room (minimum 30€) for an assured return to retain a good part of these 50% of Internet users who leave the OTA to come to your site.


2 last clues that will help you make the right choice:

50% of Internet users use HPE when it is present on your site

15% of Internet users who use HPE book directly through it

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