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The website: ambassador of my brand image

Just like any other communication medium, your website, your newsletter, ... will be ambassadors of your image to your customers, future customers, partners, ... It is, therefore, essential that the image corresponds perfectly to your identity, your values, your positioning, ... It is essential that this image is positive in order to allow you to achieve your goals.

The Web Charter: an interpretation of the general graphic charter

In many cases, you come to us for a web project and you already have a visual identity. This identity is more or less asserted according to the sector of activity and the extent of your communication. In all the cases we will seek to respect it even to sublimate it. We will interpret it in order to adapt it to the specificities and constraints of the Internet medium. For example, we will be able to use certain typographies but not others because the HTML language favors standard fonts for the sake of accessibility.

The creation of an original visual identity

Our agency also intervenes in the conception of complete graphic charter especially when it is about full web projects. In this case the work will be different because it passes of course by the creation of a visual identity in its entirety: logo, color chart, typographic chart, ... Thus, we will be able to conceive these elements from the source in a concern of coherence with the characteristics of the Internet support and its aesthetic tendencies. The phase of creation of the web interface will be on the other hand rather similar to that of interpretation of an existing charter.


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