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Visual identity is a key element in the communication of a company or a brand. It encompasses all the graphic elements that visually identify an entity: logo, colors, typography, shapes, etc. A strong and coherent visual identity allows to reinforce the brand image, to make it identifiable and memorable, and thus to differentiate from the competition.

The website: ambassador of your brand image

In a context where the online presence has become essential for all companies, the website has become a central element of communication and brand image. The website is often the first contact that Internet users have with a company, which is why it is important that its design and navigation are well thought out and consistent with the company's visual identity.

The web charter: an adaptation of the general graphic charter

In most cases, a company already has a general graphic charter that defines its visual identity. However, the creation of a website requires an adaptation of this visual identity to the specificities of the Internet medium. This is where the web charter comes in: it defines the graphic elements that will be used on the website, while respecting the constraints and standards of the web. This web charter is therefore an interpretation of the general graphic charter, adapted to the web context.

Creation of an original visual identity

In some cases, it is necessary to create an original visual identity for a company or a brand. This is particularly the case for full web projects, where there is no existing graphic charter. In this case, the MMCréation agency can intervene to create a complete visual identity, including the logo, the color chart, the typographic chart, etc. This creation will be done in coherence with the particularities of the Internet support and its aesthetic trends.

How to create a strong visual identity?

The creation of a visual identity goes through several steps. First of all, it is necessary to define the objectives of the company and its positioning compared to the competition. Then, it is necessary to define the graphic elements that will allow the company to be identified visually: logo, colors, typography, shapes, etc. These elements must be consistent with each other and reflect the values and image of the company. Finally, it is important to ensure the consistent application of this visual identity on all the communication supports of the company, especially on the website.

Visual communication design: an expertise of MMCréation

The creation of a strong and coherent visual identity is a crucial issue for all companies. MMCréation agency puts at your disposal its expertise in visual communication design to accompany you in this process. Whether it is for the interpretation of an existing graphic charter or for the creation of an original visual identity, MMCréation offers you customized solutions to create an effective visual identity.

At MMCréation, we understand the importance of visual identity for your company. That's why we offer customized solutions to help you create a visual identity that perfectly fits your company and its objectives.

We always start with a thorough analysis of your company, your market and your competitors. We then work closely with you to create a unique visual identity that reflects your company, its values and its mission.

We take care of all aspects of creating your visual identity, from designing your logo to selecting the right colors and typography for your business. We also work to create consistent and harmonious graphic design elements that reinforce the impact of your message.

Finally, we work with you throughout the process of implementing your visual identity, whether it's for the creation of your website, your communication materials, your packaging, etc. We are here to help you achieve your visual communication goals.

In conclusion, the creation of a visual identity is a crucial step for your company, which requires the expertise and know-how of a professional design agency. At MMCreation, we are at your disposal to help you create an effective visual identity that reflects the essence of your business and helps you achieve your goals.


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