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What is natural referencing?

"Body of techniques aimed at optimizing the visibility of a site in the various search tools available on the Internet: directories (which index the sites manually) or engines (which index them automatically). Search engine optimization covers a whole series of very different actions that go from the simple definition of keywords to the creation of special pages that make it easier for the engines to find the sites. The transience and relativity of the results obtained (a good referencing is only temporary) make referencing a somewhat esoteric discipline that often leaves the uninitiated skeptical" (source: Journal du Net)


The work of natural referencing: complex techniques in perpetual evolution

The time when it was enough to insert keywords in the code of its web pages (meta tags) is undeniably over... Today, faced with the performance of search engines that are trying to develop real artificial intelligence robots, the search engine optimization process is becoming increasingly complex.Today, faced with the performance of search engines that are trying to develop real artificial intelligence robots, it is imperative to take into account the multiplicity of parameters that they analyze to reference your site and to adapt to their constant evolution.


The main steps of a good natural referencing

  • Analysis, reflection: definition of a strategy adapted to your needs (assessment of your current positioning, benchmark of the competition, analysis of the requests made by the Internet users on your sector of activity, determination of your objectives, putting in perspective with the budgetary means, ...)
  • Editorial interventions: rewriting and/or creation of new texts in order to obtain the right semantic density with regard to your objectives
  • Technical interventions: optimization of the code of the pages of your site in order to meet the standards expected by the various search engines and that in correspondence with the objectives defined during the strategic phase.
  • Follow-up and adjustment: verification of the results obtained both from the point of view of the positioning obtained on the key expressions and from the point of view of the evolution of the frequentation of your site (and by rebound of the generated Turnover).

The cost of a good natural referencing

This is a question that more and more companies are asking themselves with reason. Indeed, the amplitude of the natural referencing offers is great and it is not always easy to find your way. Here are some elements of answer which can help you to sort out between the various typologies of offers of the market.


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