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Managing the evolution of your sites

A living site is a site :

  • regularly updated in order to guarantee the reliability of the information provided to your customers and to promote your offers or your products in an efficient way
  • animated so that it keeps its attractive and loyalty-building power.

Once your website is online we do not leave you alone.


To each his formula:

  • the monthlyhourly contract (adjustable according to your needs)
  • the hourly package that you can use whenever you want (10 hours - 20 hours - ...)
  • the "tranquility" package an update package, integrated to your annual hosting
  • the "we think for you" option: according to your calendar, we trigger a system of automatic alerts to remind you of the important moments to update your site + the collection of the necessary information from your various collaborators
  • the "+ Webmarketing" option : in addition to the management of the site maintenance, newsletter management, referencing, partnerships, visibility assessment, ...

Guarantees in all cases

  • Reactivity: your updates are done within a maximum of 72 hours
  • Economy: hourly cost of the intervention guaranteed whatever the skill involved

The advantages of our support service

  • 1 employee dedicated to the maintenance and life of the sites
  • 1 intranet that records all requests in real time
  • 1 automatic alert system to remind you of recurring updates and the highlights of your commercial calendar
  • More than 75% of the requests for intervention carried out within 48 hours

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