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Internal communication spaces, customer spaces, press spaces, ...

Practical, efficient and economicaltools within the reach of all companies.
You don't need to be a large group to have an Intranet / Extranet.
These terminologies, which may seem complex, even elitist, could in fact find their application in almost all companies, whatever their size.
Their common objective: to simplify a certain number of (tedious) tasks and to save you a lot of time, thus allowing you to gain in productivity and reactivity.



In one case, the application has an internal vocation to the company (e.g.: management and distribution of tasks between employees, sharing of information between employees, management of an alert calendar, ...), in this case we speak of Intranet.



In the other case, the application is also turned towards an external public to the company (management of the relations with customers or suppliers, provision of a follow-up of customer account, platform of protected order dedicated to the important customers, platform of seizure of information by multiple speakers...), in this case we speak about Extranet



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