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Ergonomics: the search for a user-friendly and functional interface

"Generally speaking, ergonomics is the science that focuses on finding the best fit between a function and its user. Ergonomics aims to ensure that what appears on the screen, via the graphical interface, is understandable for the user, or even pleasant. This is why we speak of a user-friendly interface. The ergonomist participates in the definition of the application's specifications, in the assembly of preliminary models (or zonings) and in the interactive scripting, .... " (Journal du Net)

WebDesign: the art of enhancing your image

"The purpose of web design is to enhance the image of the company or organization through graphic elements in order to strengthen its visual identity and provide a sense of confidence to the user. Nevertheless, under the criteria of ergonomics, a website must above all meet the expectations of users and allow him to easily find the information he seeks. " (Comment ça

The quality and finishing touches of a graphic interface convey a positive impression and a feeling of security. Indeed, we are very sensitive to the appearance of things and we formulate a first judgment from the first seconds, not on the basis of the content (the text, the functionalities) but of the container (the web design). Thus, the reliability of the form has an immediate impact on the reliability of the content. Taking care of the web design, especially on the home page, conveys a professional image that reassures the visitor and captures his trust, his interest. He will then be encouraged to continue his discovery of the site.


Ergonomics: an essential key to the success of your Internet project

A successful site is above all a site that will leave a user-friendly impression on its visitor and this can only be achieved by an optimal navigation and location comfort.
The objective is to create an interface with different navigation modes, adapted to each user profile. This is why it is necessary to work on the zonings (the different attention zones composing the page) of the pages and to make sure that it is well thought out and understood.
There are ergonomic rules that must be followed to ensure that the site is usable: a navigation menu, a search zone, for example.

The winning combination of ergonomics and design

Very often for the neophytes, the aestheticism is summarized as "it's pretty! "or "it's ugly". However, the aesthetics of a site cannot be summed up in subjective assessments. It is about building harmony: balance of spaces and texts, coherence of colors and typography, relevance of the iconography, hierarchization of information, ...
Theergonomics of a site will be reinforced by its graphics in order to improve its use. The use of icons or graphic buttons act in an intuitive way. In the same way the choice of colors, typographies, and sizes of fonts allow the hierarchization of the information and guarantee a better flow between the interface and the visitor.
The web design is a compromise between a presentation with an attractive graphic design, allowing to give a brand image to the company and a powerful navigation allowing the user to find easily what he is looking for.

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