Static site, dynamic site and animated site

A static site is composed of pages that cannot be modified without technical skills. The site is therefore filled and updated by the agency. The site is said to be static because the HTML pages that compose it are always identical between two visits without being updated. The server, therefore, does not need scripting elements (Php, Perl, Python) and database (MySQL, SQLite) to run the site.
A dynamic site is composed of pages that can be modified via a back-office by the client or even by the visitors directly from the web interface. The server that runs the site uses a scripting technology (like Php, Ruby, Python or Perl) and a database like Mysql.
One should not confuse dynamic site and animated site that is to say including animations in flash for example.

How to choose between static and dynamic site

We will opt for the static website for websites requiring few updates and containing few pages.
We will rather use a dynamic website if we wish to create a strong interaction with its visitors (e-commerce, comments, ...), when there are needs of autonomous and/or reHowever, the evolution of the current technologies leads us to set up more and more generally dynamic sites.
We will know in all the cases to recommend you the solution the most adapted to your needs and to your budget.

So that you can control the contents of your website, we can provide you with a back office. It will be an online platform secured by a reserved access via a login and a password. We are recognized for the very strong intuitiveness of our platforms which can, thus, be used by not expert public and whose catch in hand is done very easily (a small training of hardly one hour). These back-offices concentrate all the site management features to make your life easier.

An efficient support service for your website updates

Our support service is also one of the strong points of the agency. It is under the direction of a collaborator who has been devoting herself to it full-time for several years. She knows, thus, perfectly the problems of the sites which we manage this guarantees a very strong reactivity. Thanks to this, we respond to your requests for intervention within an average of 24 hours. It is an excellent solution for the update of static sites but also dynamic sites because it allows you to relieve your internal services.

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