The steps of creating a website: from project to maintenance

The creation of a website is a complex process that requires a rigorous organization to ensure its success. For that, it is advisable to follow a set of key stages which go from the design phase to the maintenance while passing by the installation and the promotion of the project. In this article, we are going to present you the main steps of a web project.

The implementation phase

The implementation phase of a web project includes three main steps: design, development, acceptance and online.

The first step, the design phase, is essential. It allows to define the functional, ergonomic, marketing and graphic aspects of the project. This stage will be materialized by design meetings between the agency and the client, as well as by internal meetings within the agency. It will allow the realization of reference documents such as benchmarks, a tree structure, detailed functional specifications, technical specifications, zonings and graphic models. This stage will be punctuated by validation requests that are essential for the proper continuation of the project.

The second stage is the development stage. Once all the design documents have been completed and validated, the agency's development team will take charge of the project to carry it out technically in accordance with what was decided upstream.

The third step is the acceptance and the online launch. On the basis of the beta version, the agency's project manager will carry out the internal acceptance test and check that the specifications have been respected. It is only after this step that the agency will deliver the beta version so that the customer can realize his own recipe in a realistic context.

The post-implementation phase

The post-implementation phase is also crucial. It includes two steps: promotion and referencing, animation, follow-up and maintenance.

The first step, promotion and referencing, is essential for the visibility of the website. It is essential to ask the question of the promotion of the site from the beginning of the project. Various promotional operations can be set up, such as contests or emailing. But the most effective promotion is the referencing of the site on search engines and directories.

The second step, that of animation, follow-up and maintenance, is essential for the durability of the website. A regularly updated and animated site is an effective site. It is thus essential to foresee this aspect of the project from its conception. There are many possibilities to animate a website, and our teams will be able to advise you on these subjects.

In conclusion, the creation of a website is a complex project that requires careful planning and rigorous organization. The stages of design, development, acceptance and launch must be carried out with care in order to guarantee an effective result. However, the post implementation phase is equally important to promote the website, keep it up to date and make it evolve over time. At MMCreation, we are experts in the realization of web projects and we can accompany you throughout the process to create a website that meets your expectations and your goals. Feel free to contact us to discuss your web project and find out how we can help you make it happen.


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