Methodology: The main steps of a web project


Synthetic vision

We can distinguish two main phases :

These two major phases will then be divided into several steps all aimed at achieving the most effective result.

The implementation phase

This phase takes place in three main stages: design, development, acceptance and online.

The design stage

This is, of course, an essential step since it aims at the exact definition of all the aspects of the project: functional, ergonomic, marketing, graphics, ... Its duration varies according to the nature of the project: from two weeks to several months. It will take the form of design meetings between the agency and the client, as well as a large number of internal meetings within the agency. It will allow the realization of reference documents: benchmarks, tree structure, detailed functional specifications, technical specifications, zonings (functional diagrams of the pages) and finally the graphic models. It will be punctuated by requests for validation, which are essential for the proper continuation of the project.

The development stage

Once all the design documents are completed and definitively validated, the agency's development team will be able to take charge of the project in order to carry it out technically in accordance with what has been decided upstream.

The acceptance stage and the launch

On the basis of the beta version, the agency's project manager will be able to carry out the internal acceptance test and thus verify that the specifications have been respected. It is only after this stage that the agency will deliver the beta version to you so that you can carry out your own recipe in a realistic context.

The post-implementation phase

This phase is increasingly important because it is often thanks to it that the project will be able to fully achieve its objectives.

The promotion and referencing stage

Indeed, it is essential to ask for any web project the question of its promotion. To have realized a very beautiful brochure and to leave it in its drawer is not of a great effectiveness. A certain number of promotional operations can thus be imagined and set up (contests, emailings, ...). The one that proves to be, today, completely unavoidable is the referencing of the sites on the search engines and directories.

The animation, follow-up and maintenance stage

A lively site, well referenced and therefore effective, is a site that is regularly updated and animated. It is, therefore, essential to foresee this aspect of the project from its conception. There are many possibilities and our teams will be able to advise you on these subjects.

And after: evolutions and redesign

With time, it is often felt that there is a need for evolution or even redesign. Here again, the choices made initially will have a major impact on this phase. We always try to put in place solutions that facilitate the life of your projects over time to avoid heavy periodic investments. We can often envisage evolutions without having to redo the whole. And when a redesign is necessary, we will try to make the most of the existing.


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