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The webdesign trends in synthesis

HTML 5, CSS3 and Jquery

The development of new technological possibilities strongly influences web design.

A drive for simplicity

Modern websites offer more and more possibilities in terms of functionality, so clear and easy to use websites will win the game. Clearly stating the purpose of the site and what is expected from the user is essential. Thus, it can be interesting to privilege pure and sober lines in a colored decor.
This drive for simplicity can go as far as minimalism, which is not new (e.g. Google) but is becoming more and more popular.

Authenticity and even the return of retro

We can note a certain return of the retro style that draws from the major trends of the 50s / 60s and 70s. Thus, rounded shapes and circles are very common. In the same vein, we can also see a search for interfaces that value authenticity, simplicity, the real thing, ... which meet the global trends of society.

Interactivity and social networks

It is difficult to ignore the explosion of social networks, content published by Internet users and the development of interactive functions.


With the strong development of smartphones and tablets, it is logical to look for the implementation of interfaces readable on the largest number of platforms. This implies technological choices (e.g.: no flash) which of course influence the graphic design.

Big footeers, multicolumns and pages that grow longer

We can also note a certain number of other trends that are becoming widespread and that often respond to concerns related to readability, user-friendliness but also to natural referencing: large footers and clear tree structures, multi-columns, especially for navigation menus, sites that are getting longer, i.e. built on very long page models, because contrary to popular belief, the Internet user does not hesitate to "scroll".

To follow the trends or not?

The web is constantly evolving and like other media, it is subject to certain fashions that are sometimes ephemeral. By definition, fashions are bound to go out of fashion. On the other hand, it also knows great tendencies, they, more perennial because they answer fundamental evolutions. This is why we advise you to follow these major trends because they will give a dynamic and current image of your brand. However, it is essential that your web interface is well memorable in its particular identity and does not look like many others. Therefore, you have to find a good balance between the temptation to follow trends that are certainly reassuring but neutral and the unavoidable need to mark your identity and your difference.

Furthermore, and above all, you must never lose sight of the fact that you are addressing a user and that it is therefore essential to know your target audience well in order to make the right choices. Indeed, the trends to follow will not be the same for a senior public as for a junior public or for a technophile public or a public not very fond of online technologies.


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