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The content the major stake of a website

The content of a website is probably the most important element (78% of Internet users are mainly looking for information about the brand's products and services, source: journal du net 2009). It is therefore necessary to take great care of it.
There are two aspects to the content of a Web page. The first is to inform the user and the second is to reference the website. It is then necessary to use various techniques during the writing to maximize the whole.


A relevant and exhaustive content

It is necessary to propose a complete and well-written text so that the user is encouraged to read it and find everything he needs. The provision of complete, exhaustive and regularly updated information often makes the difference in the eyes of Internet users. Many companies still limit themselves to putting a simple commercial presentation of their products and services online, whereas Internet users are looking for additional information and services that they cannot find in the brochure or paper catalog.


A well-structured web content

To facilitate the reading of the visitor, it is also important to hierarchize the content. This classification actually helps everyone, including Google's little robots, which may relativize the importance of titles and paragraphs. A good content is therefore cut into pieces with an appropriate title each time. Especially since 79% of Internet users read the editorial content of web pages diagonally.
An original content because Google has just put into production, its new algorithm (Panda). The latter aims to purge the web of websites that practice duplication of content.


A content adapted to your brand and your targets

The editorial style of the contents of a site must be adapted to the types of Internet users who will come to read them. Depending on the objectives of the site, its positioning and its core target, it is important to define an adapted editorial line. The editorial line corresponds to the atmosphere, to the general style used for the writing of all the contents of the site.


Texts but also images, videos, sound, ...

It is essential not to forget that the web is a multimedia medium. It is therefore also necessary to adapt the visual illustrations and if possible to propose rich media such as sound and video which have important attractive capacities and benefits in terms of memorization of messages.


MMCréation offers to design or help you design your content

Whatever your need in terms of content, our web agency will be able to offer you the appropriate service: writing, rewriting, selection of visuals, design of videos or sound reports, choice of music, ... Its internal teams and its network of partners constituted for a long time will know how to find the best solution to your problem of content on the web.

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